Application Tips

QC Color Hardener

Good basic concrete placement procedures are vital to the success of any job where integrally colored concrete is being used. It will be useful to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Feel free to use QC Color Hardener as a "plaster mix" when doing steps or other vertical surfaces. During the final set stage of the concrete, add only enough water to the QC Color Hardener to achieve a workable consistency, then apply the paster mix to the vertical surface and finish as normal.
  • Lack of proper curing is the number one reason for inconsistent concrete color. Whenever possible, use QC Color Cure. QC Color Cure is a cure and seal product conforming to ASTM C309. A finish coat of QC Color Cure may be used if desired. Apply per QC Color Cure Product Information bulletin. Use of QC Clear Cure may also be considered.

  • While QC Color Hardener may be used on vertical faces of step risers, curbs, etc., it is not practical for use on large areas of vertical surfaces. A non-chloride accelerator may be used in cold weather. All aggregates in the concrete substrate must be nonreactive.